Winnipeg is home to many incredible, one-of-a-kind cultural gems – and Back Alley Arctic is definitely one of them.

Local artist Kal Barteski, whose iconic script art you’ve likely seen on temporary and permanent spaces across the city (and, if you’re lucky, beyond), has painted garage doors, fences and other spaces to turn a Wolseley back lane into a breathtaking walk through arctic animal life.

Back Alley Arctic spans the alleyway of Canora and Ethelbert streets, between Wolseley and Westminster avenues. Take your family for a walk or a bike-ride through it, and make sure to pay attention: while the garage door murals are obvious to spot, you’ll find arctic animals in other places, too.

There are belugas, arctic foxes, caribou, puffins, and of course polar bears… in total, there 41 different arctic animals to see. 

A friendly reminder: the friendly neighbours on this back alley welcome us to visit, but it’s important to make sure we respect their property and their privacy.