For the first time in many years, last month the United States Centers for Disease Control updated its child developmental milestones.
These changes aren’t due to a change in the way children are developing: rather, the CDC has changed the way it presents the milestones to make it easier for parents, caregivers and physicians to identify when there may be cause for concern.

The ultimate goal is to enhance parents’ and health care providers’ ability to spot issues that can be addressed with early intervention.
The CDC website provides a downloadable list of the full milestones inventory, as well as online checklists for each age (so you can easily check your own child’s development against these milestones). You can also download a CDC app dedicated to milestone tracking from the site.

We are your partners

At Brightling, our staff are well-acquainted with the development milestones, and we work directly with outside educators and specialists to help provide any additional support our children may need.

We also have decades of experience working with children, and we can help you separate actual concerns from a given child’s personality or other personal factors.

If you have questions about your child’s development at any time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, either through your child’s classroom teacher or by contacting the office. We can work together with you to give your child their strongest start.