A heartfelt thank you to all of our families for simply being awesome! As a staff it has been so wonderful to welcome children back.

The past few months have been a bit of a whirlwind, even for a well-established centre like Brightling – and we’ve been fielding questions from our colleagues in childcare about how we’ve managed.

As a centre, transparency and community support have always been the key — and that’s one thing COVID-19 hasn’t changed. We’ve been busy developing and following protocols, yes… but really, our work is work from the heart. This likely explains why the strangest thing has been getting used to not having so many adults in our building. Our centre is used to being filled with parents, visitors, practicum students and volunteers… but now it is just our staff and your children.

Missing daily parent contact aside, we’ve discovered that “streamlined” doesn’t have to mean “less.” Our children have embraced the “new normal” around drop-offs and pick-ups, physical distancing and hand-washing, what we share and what we can’t… and they’re no less enthusiastic, creative, or eager to learn each day.

While we’re not moving around from room to room within the Centre at the moment, within the classrooms and in our yards the children are exploring, playing, learning, and sharing in new ways. With our staff’s leadership and support, they’ve made new friends, and discovered new activities.

Our 2020 summer program will look different from years past as we continue to design activities that will limit exposure – but we have lots of fun and learning in store for our Brightling kiddos, and are grateful for the opportunity to work with them and you.

Wishing safe family adventures to you this summer!