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Every child has potential we can nurture. The key is in understanding how to engage the child: their learning follows their curiosity, at their own pace and in their own style.

Play-based Learning

The Brightling Childcare Academy approach to learning is based in play. Young children are naturally more open to learning when the “lessons” are enveloped in their interests: their creativity soars and their engagement deepens as they learn.

We combine teaching philosophies from a range of experience-based sources, from Reggio-Emilia to Attachment Theory to our colleagues in the Pembina Trails School Division.

Ultimately, though, the “Brightling approach” isn’t any of these alone: the combined more-than-a-century of professional childcare experience and development among our staff has led to a standard of care and early childhood education you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Brightling children sing and dance with caregivers

Collaborative music-making is a regular feature the Brightling day.

Educator guides baby’s learning with bricks

Children learn best when they’re interested

We guide each child as they learn facts and concepts and communicate them using combinations of words, numbers, art, music, movement, and experimentation – following their own personal interests and optimal learning style.  

Through self-directed learning, children absorb and demonstrate what they’ve learned in a multitude of ways (unlike the traditional “sit-listen-read-repeat” system older generations knew), with the direction of our professional early childhood educators. 

With that said, we recognize nobody knows your child better than you do. We partner with our children’s parents to provide this rich, personalized learning environment… and to ensure their kids have fun while they’re at it.

We believe children have everything they need to learn about the world, as long as we don’t get in their way.

Children are naturally curious, adventurous, and creative. They bravely take risks every day, as they try new things and meet new people. They make brilliant connections between what is and what could be. Our job, as we see it, is to provide an environment that will: 

1) Inspire, nourish, and reward them as they pursue their learning through guided play and exploration, and

2) Pair them with specialized early childhood educators who are trained to recognize their needs and aptitudes, and offer learning opportunities tailored to them. 

Brightling Childcare Academy strives to offer every opportunity and advantage, for our children to develop a love of learning that will shape their lives in positive ways well beyond their formal schooling. And to join us and their friends in having fun, every day.

Brightling staff and three children play together

We believe caring inspires learning.

Brightling Childcare Academy is located on Treaty 1 territory and the traditional homeland of the Metis Nation. We respectfully acknowledge the Indigenous ancestors of this land, and affirm our commitment to creating an equitable community on it.

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