Significant research has shown the connection between feelings of safety and security and their impact on children’s learning. In short: the more a child feels secure, both physically and emotionally, the better they learn.

Learning requires hearts AND minds

Children are naturally curious, but they’re also cautious (score one for Darwin!). To really be free to learn, they need strong, healthy attachments to their caregivers and educators as well as to their parents.

At Brightling, we build these attachments by:

  • Being attentive to your child’s verbal and non-verbal signals
  • Interpreting them from the child’s perspective
  • Responding quickly to the child’s needs, to build and nurture trust

This doesn’t mean we spoil your children when they’re in our care… but then, neither do you. It just shows them they’re safe and secure, and frees them to learn.

The Brightling approach to learning is based on this understanding. We watch and listen to your children’s cues, and lead them to set learning outcomes in the most natural way for them. We encourage them to explore their physical world and their own creativity, knowing we are right behind them at every step.

For more information about attachment in education and learning, check out our partners at the Attachment Network of Manitoba.