Winnipeg weather is glorious in summer (some would say it’s our reward for January and February, but we love the snow, too!) – and if June was any indication, we are in for a gorgeous few months ahead.

To keep everyone in great shape to enjoy the summer, make heat-awareness a key part of your daily prep and planning every day. Small children, and especially babies, are less able to regulate their body temperatures than adults are. And in our zeal to keep their sensitive skin protected from the sun, there’s a risk of setting them up to over-heat.

4 ways to keep kids cooler when it’s hot out

  1. Dress them in loose clothing in light colours, which absorb less heat.
  2. Keep a hat on them whenever they’re out. It might seem counter-intuitive, since we wear hats in winter to keep the heat IN, but a hat worn when the temperature is hotter than the child’s head will also keep the heat OUT
  3. Keep them drinking regularly. Keep a water bottle or cup going all day, and have them drink a bit from it regularly (rather than having them “tank up” with big drinks spaced further apart). Nurse babies or feed formula more often, too.
  4. Take frequent breaks from activity in a cool spot. Air conditioning is great – but that’s not possible and you’ve been out in the sun, a shady spot can offer welcome relief, too.

Take a moment to read (and bookmark) the Canadian Red Cross chart showing symptoms to watch for. Your family can enjoy lots of outdoor time this summer, as long as you keep a step ahead of heat-related illness.