It’s now been nine months since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared in Manitoba.

That’s a long time – and the end isn’t right around the corner.

As parents, we’re all doing what we can to maintain a sense of “normalcy” for our kids. But to them, not being able to visit with loved ones (or do fun things outside of home), and having to wear masks and follow pandemic protocols, is probably starting to feel like normal… if it doesn’t already.

Think of it this way: to most kids under the age of four, life in the pandemic is really all they remember. At this point, the uncomfortable change for them might just be going out more, being away from caregivers more, and being comfortable in crowds.

The coming big adjustment: being able to go out again

Maybe it’s time to stop worrying full-time about how they’re adjusting to life in lockdown, and start planting the seeds for life beyond.

Look for age-appropriate books and movies you can enjoy together that feature large groups of characters interacting together, and then casually talk about similar situations you’ll all have in your lives some day soon.

The good news is that kids are incredibly resilient, as long as they feel safe.

Think about how you can “normalize” normal – slowly and positively – so they’re comfortable when the next change in our patterns comes.