Girls at Schwabe Pumpkins
The whole family can have fun picking out pumpkins at Schwabe Pumpkins near St. Andrews. In addition to pumpkins, it offers activities and great family photo opp spots. (Here, Karolina and Cory’s daughter has a rest in the witches’ cauldron, much to her sister’s delight.) See the roasted pumpkin seeds recipe linked below for tips on choosing the most seed-laden pumpkins!

The first thing that comes to mind when many of us think of Hallowe’en is jack-o-lanterns. Of course they look cool, but carving them is a great family activity, too.

If your kids want to be hands-on about it before they’re old enough to actually carve them, here are some ideas from around the web.

If you do carve a pumpkin this year, here’s our favourite recipe for those lovely seeds. It calls for garlic salt – but if your family prefers sweet to savoury, try replacing it with an equivalent amount of cinnamon and granulated sugar. *chef’s kiss*