Pull up a chair: it’s story time. Today’s story is about how our kids have much to teach us about life.

The other day, I was folding a load of laundry with Carmen, our 12-year-old daughter. I was feeling miserable and wondering when we’d have our pre-Covid life back.

I almost feel ashamed writing about this now, because in reality I’ve had it pretty easy compared to others in Manitoba and around the world. I have access to groceries when I need them, none of my family members have been sick, I have supports all around me… and yet there are still times I feel sulky.

I looked at my daughter and said “Carmen, I am so tired of COVID.” Important side note, here: Carmen is our stubborn child, who always seems ready to put our feet to the fire as parents.

She looked me straight in the eye and said “You are tired of COVID? None of us even have COVID, and YOU ARE TIRED OF IT? That’s ridiculous!” Then she listed all we have going for us as a family… and her list was long.

Could I have dismissed her perspective as the naïve view of a pre-teen who doesn’t see all the implications I see? Sure.

Would it have done me a single bit of good? Not a chance.

Carmen is right, and I told her so. And I thanked her for the re-set. 

The big picture is what matters. I’m grateful for daughters with clear perspectives and the confidence to share them. I’m grateful for an entire family that supports one another, whether we can physically gather right now or not. I’m grateful for Brightling children, and parents, and staff, who bring their best into our Centre every single day.

I’m grateful to live in Manitoba, in Winnipeg, in a community full of interesting, generous, caring people.

Thank you to everyone in our Brightling community for everything you do every day, all year long, to help make Brightling the centre for learning and love it has become.

Happy holidays, friends – and warmest wishes for 2021.

Karolina Dressler
Karolina Dressler