With almost a month of the school year behind us, many parents have fallen into the rhythm of the school week… and for some, that includes the dreaded, evening “what-am-I-going-to-pack-in-their-lunches” blues.

Here’s an insight that might help: to your little one, what you pack isn’t just sustenance. It’s a connection to you and to home, that they get to enjoy throughout the day.

At snack and lunch times, children in our Centre (and at school) take a break from learning to re-fuel both their bodies and minds. They open their lunch kits, and instantly, they are experiencing thoughts of home and the loving hands that prepared lunch for them.

Sometimes, leftovers come with a story they share with their friends about something fun that happened at home last night. Other times, children ask one another about what they’re eating – and they make connections while learning about different families’ habits and cultures.

The Internet is full of great lunch kit ideas – you’re a Google search away from nut-free lunch ideas other parents have come up with.

But to help YOU with the monotony of nightly lunch-making, remember whatever you pack will bring a message of love from home in the middle of your child’s day.