Here’s a way to add some fun to your family walks around the neighbourhood: visual scavenger hunts.

Before setting out, make a list of 12 things the family might see during the walk – and then encourage/help your kids “win” by finding everything on the list as you wander. To help you get started, download this pre-made neighbourhood scavenger hunt form… or use the list we’ve pre-made for you as a start.

Older children can have their own copy with a crayon to cross things off as they find them (you can even make it a race to see who finishes first!), and littler ones can “help” you spot everything needed to complete the game. You can set the rules as you see fit/necessary: no touching things, no leaving parents’ side, maybe they have to point the item out to you for verification before they get to cross it off… you be the judge of what will make it most fun for your family.

Good luck!