Some of our families feel like we’re running out of things to tell grandparents on our regular Zoom calls. And while it’s normal, it’s also a bit mortifying when kiddo is too bored to spend more than 30 seconds chatting with Grandma online.

One way to help your older kids feel more connected: have them “interview” distant loved ones about their own childhood with one question in each call. You can screen-record the session, or make notes – and, depending on the child’s age, maybe have them write up (and/or illustrate) the stories after the fact “for the family records.”

Some questions that might get them started:

  • What do you remember most about going to primary school?
  • How did you travel to and from school each day?
  • What was your favourite thing to do when you were little?
  • When you were little, how did you talk to people who lived far away?
  • Who was your first best friend, and what did you do together?

Each of these could be a great conversation-starter, and help your little ones connect with their elders on a level they can identify with.