One of our happiest discoveries this past month: the Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids website.

Just as that iconic, neutral-tone-covered paperback could reel you in for hours with its endless interesting facts, this website features wide-ranging activities and interesting facts about animals, the world around us, the sky above us… and a respectable supply of corny jokes (every kid’s favourite!) for good measure. The site presents learning through fun (much like we do at Brightling!); for example, looking up your kiddo’s birthday to see which important historical figures share it gives you an opportunity to connect your little one to the greater world.

The site also offers free downloadable stories and activities from its many print editions, which you can use to entertain and occupy kids big and small.

(And did you know a group of jellyfish is called a “smuck?” We didn’t, until we spent far too much time exploring “Animal Group Names” on the site.)
Have fun!