Soon the snow will grace us with its presence here in Manitoba.

Whether or not it stays until spring is yet to be seen… but it’s a sure sign we’re headed for winter.

The world around us is a frequent topic of discussion and learning in our classrooms at Brightling. You can help reinforce your children’s learning at home (and give yourselves all something to do on the weekends!) by making an activity of noticing the changes the seasons bring in your own neighbourhood.

You can download our “We know winter is coming because…” activity sheet to help you discuss the changes with your kiddos. Ask leading questions to help them articulate the seasonal changes, and record their insights on the sheet. If it’s a nice day, go outside and encourage your little ones to use multiple senses (not taste, though!) to observe the changes.

When you’re done, post the activity sheet on the fridge for all to see, and celebrate their learning together with a warm drink and a hug!