Learning about science at home isn’t just a way to prepare for school or a possible career… it’s a way to help understand how the world around us works, too.

Luckily for us, there are fantastic resources online that provide age-appropriate STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities for kids at all levels. They can help fill long days at home, as well.

“Experiments” and activities for toddlers and pre-schoolers

Steamsational.com was started by a Mom who needed ways to engage her 4-year-old’s budding interests in science, and offers a wide selection of accessibly-designed, clearly-written, delightfully-photographed activities for little kids. While its shop does offer a wide array of books and other resources for purchase, the site also provides free activities, like sets of challenges and experiment ideas (mostly) using items you already have around the house.

Building curiosity for elementary school students

Unsurprisingly, NASA (yes, that NASA) has a fantastic, diverse set of resources for students, organized by age level, on its website.

There are free activities for pretty much any kid here: videos that explain complex things in accessible ways, instructions on how to build and launch simple flying machines, puzzles, games, colouring pages, story books… find what’s best for your child and dive in together.