Fingers crossed, the end of the worst of the pandemic is just about here. Things are starting to open up again, and we’ll soon be able to get together with friends and family we haven’t been able to visit in more than a year. 

At Brightling, the health protocols that have kept our Centre COVID-free from day one will remain in place until we can be confident we no longer need them all. Some may ultimately become permanent aspects of our Centre. We’ll be keeping our families up-to-speed, as we always do, on our decision-making on that front. 

But my message today isn’t about our daycare or even about children. It’s about business.

The pandemic’s long tail on local business

With borders re-opening and Manitobans itching to get away from the homes they’ve occupied almost full-time for 15 months, there’s lots of talk of travel for Manitoba families. As well there should be!

But as life resumes a more normal-feeling pace, remember the small local businesses that have struggled to stay afloat during more than a year of drastically reduced business. 

Many have been accumulating debt while their businesses were closed or limited, as fixed expenses like rent don’t tend to disappear when customers are ordered to stay home. They will need our support in the year to come as they work to get back on solid footing.

So as you make plans for much-needed family time away this summer, consider adding some “staycationing” to the schedule. Manitoba is a beautiful place, and offers a rich diversity of experiences to enjoy together. Google “Manitoba vacation ideas” and you’ll find all kinds of options.

If a staycation isn’t in the cards this summer, remember local restaurants, venues, shops and activities all need our support. Every dollar will help keep our community healthy. 

Whatever you do, have fun, and celebrate summer!

Karolina Dressler
Karolina Dressler