Do you ever feel like you’re being watched?
You know you are. You know it every time you see your little one trying to walk around in your shoes, or copying your body language, or using a tone of voice otherwise unique to you.

It’s hilarious, and it’s heartwarming… and it’s a sign that as parents, we are under observation every minute our kiddos are awake (and, likely, aurally for a few minutes after they go to bed).

Make it work for you

Spring is the traditional time for “spring cleaning” around the house. It’s when we get all our paperwork in order and do our taxes.

It’s also a great time to do an “audit” of what we’re teaching our kids about how to be a happy and healthy human. Some things to consider:
1) Our language. Are we making sure we keep our language respectful in all circumstances? Not just when interacting with each other, but even when we’re reacting to what we see on the news? When we get cut off in traffic?
2) Our outlook. The last two years have been a challenge, to say the least. But are we still doing our best to find positives to celebrate in our lives? This can help protect your child from becoming easily discouraged in life.
3) Our contribution. Does your child see all the good things you do for others? We tend not to want to draw attention to them (it feels like bragging), but bringing your child along and allowing them to witness your good deeds can help them grow into an adult who derives joy from doing for others.
4) Our gratitude. If your child sees how much you appreciate gestures and gifts and favours from others, and watches you ensure the giver knows how much you do, they will develop the gift of gratitude. There’s no surer way to happiness.