Pink. And red, and filigreed. And festooned with hearts and flowers. That’s February in the commercials. Buy gifts! Buy cards! Buy chocolates! It’s the only way to show your love!

Of course, our kiddos know better. They know love isn’t an occasion – it’s a practice. It’s a habit as human as breathing.

Valentine’s Day does give us a reminder to express our love in meaningful ways, though. So to help our kiddos do that – and learn about empathy while they’re at it – we’ve created a downloadable fill-in-the-blanks valentine.

Print as many copies as you’d like, and set your little ones to work creating messages of love to family, friends, neighbours… any person who plays an important role in their life. If they’re old enough, they can write them on their own (and colour in the hearts and the borders, if they’re in the mood!); otherwise, you can ask them for their answers and write them in on their behalf.
Once you’re done, you have an excuse to go out on a socially-distanced errand together, and drop them in the mail (or in their recipients’ own mailboxes).

We guarantee these unexpected expressions of love will brighten the day for everyone who receives one. Have fun!