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Brightling staff are highly trained and experienced in caring for your children. They are lifelong learners and undergo continual training through the Brightling Childcare Professional Academy.

We’ve created an environment that allows the imagination to run free and grow. Our caregivers inspire the bright young minds around them to learn through inventive and memorable experiences, day in and day out. Our low caregiver-to-child ratio ensures the attention children deserve.

Our staff are proud to communicate in a variety of languages including: Czech, French, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, Punjabi, Yoruba, and English.

Group of kids playing with their teacher in our nature playground.

Circle of Security

At Brightling, our staff incorporate the Circle of Security Theory into their relationships and everyday interactions with the children.  Karolina, our Executive Director, and other staff are certified as Circle of Security Parenting Facilitators. Karolina received her training directly from the founder Kent Hoffman. Learning how children’s behaviour can be indicative of larger wants, needs, attachment and development.

You won’t find a more expert
childcare team.

Brightling is Winnipeg’s only daycare with five Circle of Security-trained caregivers

Brightling is Winnipeg’s only daycare with five Circle of Security-trained caregivers

Brightling only employs the right people, with the right values, expertise, creativity and empathy to bring out the best in our children.

All our staff are certified in CPR, First Aid, official Provincial checks. 

Our Executive Director, Karolina Dressler, works with colleagues in local schools to ensure Brightling’s children remain well-prepared for the educational experiences that await them.

Brightling Childcare Professional Academy

In early 2022, Brightling launched the Brightling Childcare Professional Academy – an in-house series of professional development courses we have developed with external subject-matter experts, specifically to help our staff continue augmenting their skills. We are industry leaders in programming, curriculum and staff training.

Brightling Professional Academy
Karolina playing with a child

While running the facility, Karolina still loves to connect with children. 

Karolina, our Executive Director, left behind her elementary school classroom in 2003 to have a more direct and meaningful impact on southwest Winnipeg families, through early childhood experiences at Brightling Childcare Academy. She has built a team of professional early childhood educators who partner with parents to nurture and inspire the children in their care. Together, they work to build strong foundations in preparing Brightling children academically and emotionally for their school years. Karolina incorporates new and innovative programming based on current research in child development primarily through play-based learning.

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Brightling Childcare Academy is located on Treaty 1 territory and the traditional homeland of the Metis Nation. We respectfully acknowledge the Indigenous ancestors of this land, and affirm our commitment to creating an equitable community on it.

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