Summer is here. So… what to do?

First, make time to do nothing. You need the breather, and your kids actually benefit from being bored once in a while.

But in and around the scheduled nothing? Winnipeg has lots of options for summer day camps tailored to specific interests and developing specific skills – the options are just a Google search away.

Check out Brightling summertime funtivities

Here at Brightling, we have a full slate of fun, educational, age-appropriate, indoor and outdoor activities scheduled all summer long.

Having your child participate in organized daytime activities during the summer has been shown to have many benefits. It helps:

  • develop their social skills (and make new friends!)
  • keep them “unplugged” from screens, and actively participating in experiences
  • reduce the “summer slide” educators see in children’s learning over the summer
  • make sure they get lots of outside time, which is so important for their physical and mental health

And it helps parents get a bit of a break too. We know all too well that full-time programming for curious and energetic little ones is a lot of work, especially for months at a time. If you could use a bit of a break, summer day programs are a great way to get one without feeling guilty that your kiddos aren’t having as much fun.

Full-time and part-time summertime spaces available

Over the summer, many of our full-time families spend time together on vacations near and far, and so we have spaces available for families that might wish to have their children in an organized program, either for individual weeks or for more of the summer.

If you’d like to learn more about Brightling’s summer camps and our summer activity schedule, please reach out to us at or 204-487-7879.

Have a safe and happy summer!

Karolina Dressler
Karolina Dressler