School’s out for summer, but our kiddos are always learning. Every day, every hour. They are like little sponges, observing the world around them and making connections.

As the academics take a back seat for the next couple of months, summer is a great time for re-connecting as a family.

Here are some helpful articles about helping nurture your little one’s emotional development while you have a little more time together this summer.

4 Strategies for a Summer of Emotional Growth

[Printable] Summer Sun Emotions Board Game

4 Fun Summer Activities to Build Social Emotional Skills

How to Continue Social Emotional Learning in Summer

Ideas for Teaching Children About Emotions (this one is written for elementary school teachers, but it contains great ideas you can tailor for home)

Mental Health Tips for Children During Summer

Ultimately, there is nothing better for your child’s emotional development than focused time with you. It doesn’t have to be a “big deal” or an exciting outing. Every minute you can devote to connecting with your little one is an investment that will benefit you both for years to come.