At Brightling, we learn so much about our kiddos’ families. Whether you know it or not, you are the centre of your children’s world, the hero of their story, and the example they admire most.

They tell us about all the ways you amaze them: your yummy cooking, the great way you do the voices in their storybooks, the fun games you play together… and how hard you work at your job, how helpful you are to your neighbours, how important and strong you are. 

To your children, you are ALL THAT. Their pride in you is one of their defining characteristics, and it’s beautiful!

Turning the tables

So my advice to you is: learn from your kids.

Focus on the things that make you great in your child’s eyes, and it can help you quiet the little voices that harass you about getting more done, or doing things better.

Ignore what social media would have you believe about other parents and families and their seeming perfection, and celebrate what makes your family special (starting with yourself).

A simple change of focus like this can do wonders for your confidence and your energy – and can keep you focused on the things that really matter. And here’s a great bonus: it can help your children naturally develop positive self-esteem. 

Your children watch and absorb everything you do and say, and they think you are amazing. Listen to them – because they’re right.