This month, we celebrate a decade in Brightling’s lovely, happy home on Chevrier. Our previous space on Victor Lewis Drive was a fun and homey spot – but we outgrew it. And it’s a good thing we did, because that venue wouldn’t have given us anywhere near the capacity we now have to care for our families during this pandemic.

In my decades as an Early Childhood Educator, I’ve seen the proof over and over again that children thrive best when their environment is conducive to learning. You see that reflected in the bright colours, the excellent facilities, and the availability of a wide range of activities at Brightling.

But even more important is the loving and encouraging staff who welcome your children each day in our Centre. Our staff are highly educated and trained in their profession… but just as importantly, they are kind, and loving, and invested in our children’s happiness and success.

The people are what makes our environment so rich for early learning.

YOU are your children’s “people”

2020 has given us all many balls to juggle. And, amazingly, every family is finding a way. As a staff, we are impressed and astounded by our Brightling families’ resilience – and the happy little kiddos who greet us every morning with irresistible positivity.

You are the reason for this. As a parent, you are your child’s “environment,” wherever they go. You provide the focus for their worldview. Everything you are doing to maintain their sense of “normal,” when things are anything but, gives them the freedom to explore and learn.

Give yourself a pat on the back for everything you have done and are doing to create an environment full of potential for your family. Our hats are off to you, and we’re proud to be your partner.