While the school year is ending, your child’s brain continues to grow and to crave new knowledge and experiences. One way to keep those little minds running on all engines is to help children teach themselves about their home environment.

Environmental awareness is among our key objectives in Brightling’s Junior Kindergarten enrichment program, because so much of what we teach children becomes “real” for them when they see it in the world around them.

Your back yard is full of life

Especially in winter, we tend to think of our homes as containing all the life on our property. But of course, they don’t!

Ask your natural little observer to do you a big favour by finding out who’s living on your property other than your family.

Remind them to look everywhere: in the trees, under the rocks, in the grass! You can download our “Backyard Detective Report” and help them/ask them to fill it out, depending on their ability – and if there are multiple kiddos in the family, see how their lists compare.

Spring is a great time of year to learn about new life… and it’s always a great time to share learning in the family.