The weather is (mostly) gorgeous and we want the kids outside as much as they can be… but this year, our options are a little more limited than normal.

An option: turn your driveway (and if they’re game, your neighbours’ driveways!) into a giant game of chutes and ladders.

All you need is a bucket of sidewalk chalk (available for a couple of dollars at a dollar store) and either a die to roll (for older kids who can count) or a baggie of uncooked rice (for littler ones to toss onto their next square).

Kids can even play with their neighbourhood buddies while maintaining safe distance if you make the squares big enough!

If the neighbours are into it too, you can have a multi-“board” game going… as long as there’s a parent around to supervise street-crossings for little ones.

Driveway snakes and ladders
Have the kids help decide where to put the chutes and ladders.